Kegs to Go

Need Kegs? We have everything!

Brews has access to many breweries crafting the best beer. Yes, we also have domestic kegs for your relatives that are yet-to-be craft beer converts. We sell to-go kegs for your special events or home kegerator.

How much is a keg? Keg prices vary based on the brewery and type of beer.  In general, full size 15gal craft kegs are $215, domestic full size kegs are $145, and the smaller 5gal craft kegs are $90.

How much beer do I need? A good rule of thumb is that guests will consume two drinks in the first hour and one drink per hour thereafter.  Also take into account whether other alcohol will be service at the event. You’ll get about 160 12oz pours from a full size keg.

Do you rent taps? We have a limited number of taps that we rent, be sure to call ahead and ask if a tap is available. Tap rentals are $25 with a $25 deposit that is refunded once the tap is returned.

Call the store 509-380-0354 or email to order your keg now!